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I’m Cathy!

I’m the one behind this blog and happily come up with simple and easy recipes for all the family to enjoy.
I thrive to make cooking and baking as easy and accessible as possible for anyone who wants to try.

How it all started…

It all started when I was in an apartment trying to learn how to feed myself properly. It was a learning curve and I ate lots of ramen.
That being said, with time, I managed to not only learn how to cook and bake but developed a true passion for it.

Additionally, I always loved photography, not that I was ever serious about it, I just love being in front and behind a camera.
This interest brought me closer to Food Photography which combines beautiful plates and creative photography.

What You’ll Find at Cath’s Kitchen?

You’ll find delicious homemade recipes that are easy to make and don’t require tons of fancy equipment.
Additionnally, as much as I love cooking, I have a busy life and I love my recipes to be as quick as they possibly can.
Finally, I love using simple and in-season ingredients that you can find in most family homes. They are cheaper and you have to hunt a special ingredient in a specialized grocery store in the middle of China Town.
Cheap, Easy, and Quick

On a Personal Note…

I’m a true animal lover and in 2021 I was able to realize a lifetime dream of mine. Indeed, I was able to buy a small house in the countryside.
I was always a city girl, but now I truly feel I found my place. Living with my 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 chickens, and 4 ducks is a handful but it fills my heart with love and joy on a daily.
You’ll probably see a glimpse of my country lifestyle here and there on this blog:)

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The Office

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Dance (since 2010)

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